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OFA CHIC Program


The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) Program works with the breed’s parent club, lists the primary health screening tests that breeders should perform on their stock before breeding. This provides basic information for breeders to make more informed breeding decisions in order to reduce the incidence of inherited disease. The results also provide valuable information for potential puppy buyers looking for responsible breeders that health test their breeding stock.


The OFA along with the Armenian Gampr Club of Canada recommends the following basic health screening tests for all breeding stock. Dogs meeting these basic health screening requirements will be issued Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) numbers. For CHIC certification, all results do not need to be normal, but they must all be in the public domain so that responsible breeders can make better informed breeding decisions. For potential puppy buyers, CHIC certification is a good indicator the breeder responsibly factors good health into their selection criteria. The Armenian Gampr breed specific list below represents the basic health screening recommendations.

Click below to learn more about each indicator.


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Congrats! 🎉 

Ingham Farms Bersheeba of Rehoboth Farm rocked her CHIC Certification! 

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