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As the Armenian Gampr is still so rare in Canada, those who are interested in owning one may be interested in importing, either from the United States or directly from Armenia.

Joining the Special Genetics Import Program is a unique opportunity to contribute to the genetic development, diversity and advancement of the breed here in Canada. As it is an evolving breed, genetics are chosen with specific goals in mind. As such, careful selection is required with guidance from the Board of Directors to best strategize to meet the breed betterment goals of the AGCC. Navigating options and opportunities with AGCC guidance is recommended, not only to contribute to rare genetics that complement current bloodlines, but to protect potential buyers from potential regret.

It is important to be extremely careful when selecting a breeder and a puppy, as many “Gamprs” are not pure, and in Armenia, many lines have been bred for fighting rather than working with livestock. Beware of breeding kennels located in the city, and instead look for puppies from shepherds who are actively working their dogs.

The AGCC has a long standing working relationship with various trusted shepherds, such as Armen Khechoyan. 

If interested in being a part of the Special Genetics Import Program, please fill out the Request Form below. The AGCC highly values and appreciates your contribution to the development and success of the breed here in Canada. 




The total cost to purchase and ship a puppy from Armenia to Canada is currently about $1300-2700.

In the United States, there are many outstanding breeders. Please contact us for a list of reputable breeders that work with the AGCC to import special genetics. Currently, it is approximately $500 to ship a puppy from the US to Canada.

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DISCLAIMER | Regardless of the source, it is necessary to receive a completed pedigree sheet from your breeder (see below) before any money changes hands and to have this form approved by the AGCC IN ADVANCE if membership with the club is important to you. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee registration. With the prevalence of mixed Gamprs being marketed as pure, we as a club do our utmost to screen the dogs that are entered into our records carefully.

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