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Genetic Screening Program

Why Embark?

The Armenian Gampr Club of Canada proudly supports Embark DNA testing for the Armenian Gampr.


As a landrace, the Armenian Gampr is remarkably genetically healthy + we'd like to keep it that way!

Help us collect useful insights + data to chart the future of this amazing breed!

The Armenian Gampr Club of Canada is proud to announce a new partnership with Embark, the world's leading canine genetics company. Embark for Breeder DNA tests are >99% accurate on mutation tests and are the only genetic COI% test available for breeders. AGCC has chosen to work with Embark because of our shared values of responsible breeding and commitment to canine health. Embark offers a comprehensive product for breeders that includes all the relevant genetic information you need to better manage breeding programs: genetic health risks, physical traits, genetic COI, and breed ancestry.


What is Embark?

Embark is a research-grade DNA genotyping platform, which identifies over 350 breeds and more than 210 genetic health risks. When advancing Gampr health, it takes a village!

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Embark Partner

The AGCC and Embark have partnered to promote and prioritize genetic health for the Armenian Gampr.


As part of this partnership, our club will earn a 10% commission on all breeder kits purchased through this affiliate link. In addition, Embark will offer our members up to $35 off the Embark for Breeders DNA kit using the club's affiliate link and promo code AGCC2023. 


Commissions earned by the club can help fund important initiatives, a win-win for the club, our members, and our beloved breed. Your first Embark for Breeders DNA kit is just $99 with code TRYEMBARK99!


This partnership also provides our club with expert educational content, access to Embark experts such as veterinary geneticists, the opportunity to offer input on future research, and event support.   

Why Gamprs?

A breed is only as healthy as it's genes! DNA mapping is a crucial practice for protecting + documenting our rare breed genetics.

We are particularly tracking the following markers:

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI%) | This tells what percent the dogs ancestors were related and important for breeders to consider when pairing with a mate. A 30-40% result is high, but can be common, and a dog with higher values should be paired with a low percentage mate.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) | A brain + spinal degenerative disease that approximately 30% of our current tested breed shows up as a single carrier of. Single carriers should not be bred to another carrier.

Gangliosidosis (GM2) | Is a fatal neurodegenerative lysosomal storage disease which ends in early death. Although this is rare to our breed (only 3% tested as single carriers), we are now watching this particular marker to protect the future. 

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How to Embark?

We recommend purchasing the Embark for Breeders for the most helpful features. The process is straightforward + well laid out. 

For easy-peasey instructions on exactly how to collect your DNA sample click HERE

Don't forget to use our affiliate link HERE and promo code AGCC2023 when purchasing your Embark for Breeders kit.


❤️ If you have questions about your results + their interpretation, please so contact us at!


Armenian Gamprs are naturally low in the ALT enzyme. This is not indicative of liver disease but rather a breed specific unique characteristic. 

Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) is a clinical tool that can be used by veterinarians to better monitor liver health. This result is not associated with liver disease. ALT is one of several values veterinarians measure on routine blood work to evaluate the liver. It is a naturally occurring enzyme located in liver cells that helps break down protein. 

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