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We are passionate about the dogs we love and have dedicated all our  resources to see the Armenian Gampr flourish + thrive in Canada. 

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The AGCC, with its members, are committed to help the Armenian Gampr grow and flourish through increased recognition and good breeding practices. The AGCC is the definitive authority in Canada for the Armenian Gampr, and as such, set the standard for the preservation of the breed and continuous improvement of health, wellbeing and enjoyment of this legendary guardian.



to preserve, protect, promote + establish the landrace Armenian Gampr as a well bred reputable livestock guardian and staple of Canadian farmsteads.



The heart of the AGCC is guided by the following principles.

Armen 3.jpg

Integrity +


We uphold the integrity of our registry, with high standards of accountability and governance, while we honour the landrace heritage and history of the Armenian Gampr and recognize it’s integral role in shaping our practice and development of the breed.

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